Warehouse & Supply Chain Solutions

Warehousing is fundamental to the supply chain management services. SR Traffic Service inc. has a flexible warehousing solutions feature strategically located distribution facilities totaling more than 48,000 sq. ft. in Laredo, Texas. We serve a variety of industries, including industrial, electronic, Chemical, & Motor Company's.

SR Traffic Service can create and implement a fully customizable solution to meet your specifications and requirements.

Some of our services include:

  • Storage and inventory control with physical counts taken - Our inventory control department conducts regular audits and can immediately investigate inventory issues.
  • Product receiving and warehousing – For finished or unfinished products, components or raw materials.
  • International shipments – International freight forwarding.
  • Unloading Containers
  • Chain Store Orders
  • Inventory Counts
  • Order Selection
  • Quality Control
  • Returns
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Palletizing
  • Storage
  • Tracing

We make Stronger Relationships

The supply chain management partner with the commitment to treat your business partners with the same high levels of service and care you provide. While other providers impose inefficiencies on vendors, Sergio Rivas makes it easier for your vendors to work with you. Similarly, capabilities like advance shipment notification significantly improve your service to customers.

Effective supply chain management can help grow sales by retaining customers, supporting cross-selling strategies, and providing a competitive advantage.

Every supply chain process is an opportunity to streamline workflow in your organization and push key information to your decision makers. Partnership brings significant process efficiencies to your internal customers in top management, finance and accounting, customer service, operations, purchasing, and shipping and receiving.

Best Control

Helping you to puts key supply chain data into the hands of everybody who benefits from it. Reports are customized at the user level and cover both activity and performance.

Unique Strategic Perspective

Every outbound/inbound shipment is an opportunity to influence a customer’s satisfaction with your company.

A strategic perspective drives us to manage supply chains with greater situational awareness, a more attentive eye, and a full consideration of your internal and external customers